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Discidium: (latin – disruption)

Disruptive innovation can hurt;

if you're not the one doing the disruption

- Clayton Christensen

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Who are we?

We are a new age solutions oriented firm which aspires to help entities stay one step ahead in all their business needs.

Our Expertise

 Find out how we can help your business thrive and prosper in the ever changing regulatory and compliance landscape.

Our Founder

Our founder is passionate about creating solutions that will disrupt the way in which compliances are traditionally perceived.

About Discidium  Solutions

Discidium Solutions is a disruptive, young firm that is founded keeping the values of Quality, Delivery and Affordability in mind. These values form the cornerstone of the firm, and they are supported by consistency and experience that provide the ‘ABC’ solution for every entity – Advisory, Business & Compliance.


It is our belief that entities of all sizes deserve access to innovative and effective solutions that will enable their businesses to grow and prosper. Our solutions range from advisory services to business consulting, from entity setup to winding down business operations, and all the entity lifecycle activities in between. Our corporate governance and corporate social responsibility solutions ensure that your entity is always on the right side of the law and functions in a socially responsible manner.


We also understand that start-ups & micro, small and medium enterprises require the extra helping hand and thus our start up corner is dedicated towards assisting and helping these entities navigate through the complex regulatory & compliance labyrinth with ease & expertise.    


Built on a strong foundation of delivering a quality experience, Discidium Solutions aims to provide innovative, cost-effective and timely advisory, compliance & business solutions. It provides the right service at the right time and to the right people consistently, each time.

About Discidium Solutions
Modern Office

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